Here Daddy doll sits with what looks like twin buddies. Happy days!

girl buddy children keepsake cloth doll

The Buddies are my version of a primitive rag doll. I just love their simplicity.  I also like the way that whether it is a girl or a boy is hinted at by the addition of a hair bow or shirt buttons ( ah the fabric may be a hint too..)  The Buddies with legs often find themselves with an odd pair (as opposed to a matching pair of legs). This is to help emulate those simple handmade dolls that were created out of whatever was available in the home. If there was a shortage of the material then another was sourced and used instead. The Buddies with no legs are longer in the body. They are also filled with sawdust and can be easily held in the hand.

This girl buddy wears her bow with pride as she curiously looks out from her home in the studio’s display unit.

boy buddy cloth doll bespoke original children gift

Boy buddy wears his cloth buttons for the very first time. How smart he looks!