This is Mary, Alice & Sam.. my 3 beloved rag dolls. They were created from old fabrics and filled with rice & sawdust. Their features are hand embroidered and their hair is made from strands of wool and pieces of wire with beads. They are seen here taking it easy in their own special ‘bed’. With this trio I wanted to create a cloth doll that was reminiscent of that ‘special doll or teddy’ that followed you everywhere, to school, on holiday even through puddles! They were so loved that stitching came undone, perhaps they lost an ear and of course their features faded as they were so kissed and cuddled.

rag doll cloth doll keepsake bespoke traditional unique

This is Alice Rag doll and she ‘loves shopping’. A cheeky playmate for Sam Rag doll.

rag doll cloth doll traditional bespoke keepsake unique

Dear Sam Rag doll quietly peeps out from the bed covers to say hello…

rag doll cloth doll bespoke keepsake traditional unique

Mary Rag doll was named after my dear Gran. She plays for hours in the garden wearing her dungarees.