This is dear Thomas Ted or Tom Ted for short. He has been sitting in my sewing basket for years now and tonight I finally finished sewing him. Welcome to the studio Tom..


He is loving filled with sawdust (as are all my cloth companions) as this reminds me of the days, a long time ago, when I used to visit my grandad’s shed. He was a painter & decorator but it was his carpentry tools all neatly hung on the walls, the plane, the vice, the chisels and the sawdust on the floor that I particularly loved. The smell of sawdust just takes me back. It also evokes in the cloth companions a vulnerability, a need to be carefully loved. Tom Ted’s limbs are attached with a button and this also exaggerates their fragility.cloth ted ragdoll bespoke keepsake children unique gift TLC buddy

Thomas Ted looks at home already as he sits quietly in the studio taking it all in..