18th 19th century day gown berrington Hall costume National  Trust

Here are a few drawings made from the vast collection of costume at Berrington Hall, Leominster, a National Trust property. When I visit I always take my well stocked pencil case with me but as the garments are so pale & the detail so intricate and often so feint too it felt wrong drawing with anything bolder than a 0.1 pen. My unipin fine liner 0.05 saved the day. A mechanical 0.1 pencil was also used to help portray the delicacy of the pieces.

Berrington Hall Leominster National trust 18th 19th century costume

A pencil drawing of a small section taken from an early 19th century day gown.

Berrington Hall Leominster National Trust 18th 19th century costume

A close up section of my favourite early 19th century day gown, from Wednesday’s drawing session.