I loved these gentleman’s spectacles in the butler’s pantry. There were many items upon the table including this shoe ‘last’ & a basket full of fine cutlery.dolly's pantaloons Berrington Hall leominster Herefordshire 19th century costume National Trust original drawing

The last box I came across today held within it the most delightful doll’s clothes. These pantaloons are just one of the items that were in that box.

19thcenturycostume work clothes laundry Berrington Hall Leominster National Trust original drawing

I felt a connection with the laundry room that wasn’t as strong else where in the house. The white cotton and linen garments and the smell of soap and soap powder reminded me of my dear gran. She used to have an indoor washing line (as well as outside) and I remember seeing whites hung out to dry. The soap was traditional and of a specific fragrance. Today I smelt that same fragrance.

Laundry room Berrington Hall Leominster National trust original drawing

I love washing lines especially when the garments are fixed by ‘dolly pegs’. I.C.I. soda was taken off a box of washing powder.

gentleman's waistcaot Berrington Hall Leominster National trust original drawing

I spotted this white gent’s waistcoat hanging up around a corner . I loved the lopsidedness of the hanger and the fine light grey stripe of the material.

Berrington Hall Leominster National trust original drawing

This room was a charming one. I loved the polished shoes -all ready for wear in the fire grate. I liked the polish tin, the removable starched collars & the notebook by the bed.

doll's clothes Berrington Hall Leominster  national trust original drawing

The very last box I opened today had these delightful doll’s clothes in. A great way to finish the drawing session today.