When our daughter left to go to University I made a cushion cover; one side predominantly from a favourite shirt of her dad’s and my favourite summer dress ( now too small) that I wore for many a summer whilst she was at primary school. This comfort cushion sort of bridged the ‘gap’ between home and her new room in halls..

se-paration loss bereavement memories bespoke keepsakes TLCbuddy

This is the front of our daughter’s cushion cover. She had a wonderful bag that was no longer ‘cool’ so I included that in the overall design, I couldn’t resist the image of the girl with her hair under the old fashioned dryers!

separation loss bereavement comfort bespoke keepsake TLCbuddy

This is the back of the cushion cover. The green shirt was a favourite shirt of her dad’s. Another image that was on the ‘not so cool bag’ has been stitched in to this side.