keepsake bereavement cancer comfort bespoke grief

Front view- This cushion was created out of 2 dresses and a sweatshirt that belonged to a dear boy’s mum who tragically died a year ago from cancer.  He provided me with the clothes, ones that reminded him of his mum, of holidays shared and other happy memories.

bereavement cancer grief comfort bespoke keepsake

Back  view- With all my keepsake orders I begin by de-constructing the garments or fabrics. I experiment with different designs and when happy with my decision I re-construct, creating either a buddy, Teeny the dog, scarf or cushion. With this order I wanted some elements of all 3 fabrics to co-exist; so the dress materials on the back are also present on the front and if you look closely you can just see the fabrics in the top left & right corner . The Animal sweatshirt from the front had a printed logo and I liked the way it looked when placed in the centre where the 2 dress fabrics joined on the back of the cushion.