cloth cat rag doll keepsake

Mrs Cat is pictured here in situ, sat on one of my studio tables, looking rather cheeky. She looks on while I work on my current projects. As with Mr Dog and his paper tie I have adorned Mrs Cat’s waist with a paper apron. ┬áThis addition made me think of my mum who loves to bake, especially on Sundays.

cloth cat cloth dog rag dolls keepsake

Ahh they look so good together. I’m not sure which one is boss, despite Mr Dog being a few years senior to Mrs C. I think she wears the trousers! Any of the TLC buddy cloth cats and dogs can be commissioned but please remember they will not be exactly the same. They are all HAND MADE and unique. Materials will vary. Every effort will be made to try and create the same ‘look’ .