Cafe Lucca pen drawing, watercolour, Bath, cafe

We visited one of our favourite Bath cafes, Cafe Lucca. I love its adjoining shop The Loft too . This a pen drawing of a few of the items I spotted whilst sat at my table.

pen drawing fine line watercolour Cafe Lucca Bath

He reads while I draw, absorbed in the daily news. I sketch him sitting at the farmhouse breakfast table. He has just got in from walking the dogs. All is now calm..

dog pen drawing watercolour farmhouse

The dear little dog sits on her favourite chair, all cosy with a wonderfully rich coloured cushion behind her. Behind that lies a terrific turquoise blue wall.

dog terrier pen drawing watercolour original sketch

The adorable little dog curls herself up to sleep. She sits upon a brightly coloured scarf that lies on the kitchen bench. She falls asleep in seconds…