bespoke character cloth food unique chef children

Hooray!! Miss Sweet Potato finally comes alive. This lady was inspired by a very talented chef’s nana, who’s hair was such a big beehive she called her Nana Whippy (after the Mr. Whippy ice-creams) Here she sits quietly taking in the scenery whilst Miss Dolly sits nearby just in case she’s needed.

sweet potato food healthy eating children cloth character unique bespoke

I loved creating her beehive hairstyle though sewing it into place was at times rather tricky! My customer requested flowers for her hair that gave her a little ‘pizzazz’. She may be a farmer’s daughter in the day but at night she loves nothing more than doing her hair especially with bright flowers. I think this gal may love a barn dance!

pen and ink drawing cloth character food children healthy eating bespoke

This is the drawing that I initially did for my customer a talented chef. My brief was to take a sweet potato and make in to a lady character. Voila!