Potato character healthy eating food children chef bespoke

I love this guy, he looks so chilled! He was the first food character commission I received from a very talented chef. Finding something natural for his hair was not so straight forward but eventually I found some raffia. It looks stiff and spiky just like his hair on the drawing. Happy Days.

food potato healthy eating chef bespoke cloth character

Here he is again but this time he’s hiding. Probably from the very curious Peg Angels that are chattering away ‘ten to the dozen’ behind him!

potato food healthy eating chef children bespoke cloth character

This is my favourite drawing of the food character Mr Potato Head. I chose a handful of baking potatoes and drew the one that naturally had marks in places that suggested eyes or freckles. Like so many of my drawings this one is done in pen. The sepia ‘look’ adds to the past memories of childhood which my customer is seeking for her website.