Kathryn Sassall oil paitings movement sound noise speed Tour de France   Ed Ball Man with a movie camera industrial paints Greenstage Gallery

On Thursday night I attended the private view of Kathyrn Sassall &  Ed Ball at the Greenstage Gallery. Both artists create multi-coloured paintings- Ed’s are a visual interpretation of music and rhythm and I could see an almost ‘textile’ suggestion within them. Kathryn’s  paintings possess a very strong sense of movement, speed, energy & noise. ‘Blink’ was a terrific  painting that possessed all of those characteristics.

Mark Houghton oil painting Canwood gallery Hop Pocket h.Art    driftwood horse sculpture Heather Jansch the Eden Horse Canwood Gallery   Liza Minnelli Vogue Peter Sellers Canwood Gallery

Sunday afternoon I paid Canwood Gallery a visit. Set in 10 acres of beautiful Herefordshire countryside this was  a thought provoking exhibition with an eclectic mix of large scale oil paintings, sculpture and black & white photography. The driftwood horse by the contemporary sculptor Heather Jansch was a memorable exhibit as was the large mobile lady sculpture by Angela Conner. Ed Elliott’s ’emerging figure’ was very clever and Martin Carter’s abstract expressionistic paintings were very powerful, almost orchestral in the depth of layers & dark colours.  However it was the black & white 1960/70s photography of Peter Sellers that I particularly enjoyed, such as the Liza Minnelli trio.