wire drawing cafe French cutlery emulsion paint corkboard memories holiday France lunch

I have to confess that this piece came about purely by chance and I love beautiful discoveries that come about through play!   I was experimenting with the wire drawing  and struggling to see it when the background was a dark piece of cardboard.  I got hold of a cork board and used tiny panel pins to hold the shape of the knife, fork and spoon. The cork board was so much more accommodating with the pins, unlike the cardboard I initially used, but its natural brown colour was the other problem. So I bought another, painted it with several layers of white emulsion and then drew the cutlery in  wire using the pins to keep the outline shape. I considered lifting the drawing off but then I realised that it was perfect as it was; I loved the simplicity, the honesty of the piece, and the placement (lots of space to the right). I decided it deserved a place in the exhibition.