I have for many years now drawn and stitched the world as I see it: snippets of moments, soaking up the ambience, the food, the drink, the people around me –  things they say, clothes they wear, lyrics of a song that is playing. But with this new body of work I have increased the scale, stitched into painted cotton, drawn with wire as well as drawing directly onto the painted cotton and the latter was such a liberating sensation.

At times, when I have sat in my studio next to the window for that all essential  daylight, I have in fact felt transported back to another time, when it was common for ladies to spend afternoons  quietly sewing. I do love the peaceful, relaxing and contemplative act of sewing. The sound of the stitching as the needle went through layers of cotton and organza was a lovely surprise . I also fell in love with the panels; the seams as lines that were just as important to the piece as the sections of fabric themselves.

At the beginning of this body of work  I felt lost, unsure of where ‘Light’ would take me. Whilst looking through some sketchbooks that I made in France some years ago, I realised that my ‘light’ was in the feint lines of my pen and pencil drawings, it was in the faded colours, it was in the light and weightlessness of wire. I also felt inspired by two separate pages in a sketchbook; one of an old French gentleman sat across from me in a small cafe and the other was a drawing of a knife, fork, side plate and glass. Suddenly I felt excited, suddenly the idea came to me. I  was going to lift these drawings out off the page and onto canvas.

cutlery gl;ass wine lunch drawing stitch hand sewing panels seams France holiday memory

This  Coutellerie Un was the first piece I created for the ‘Light’ exhibition, which started today 14th June  and runs through to 22nd July at The Applestore Gallery in Hereford.