This is a close up of Coutellerie Deux, my first attempt at painting on cotton and then stretching over a canvas. Drawing directly onto the painted surface felt amazing and I think I am addicted!  The pen sketch is of a Frenchman who was sat quietly across from me in one of the many cafes, I visited last time I was on holiday in France. The mustard coloured patterned paper reminded me of the cafe’s tiles.  I love the way in which the wire writing of the name of the wine (I was drinking) wraps around the glass drawing.

Frenchman France cafe sketch pen wire writing drawing holiday

I chose the pink and brown striped fabric because it reminded me of the old guy’s shirt. Sewing the different strips of fabric onto the painted surface was surprisingly liberating; though I had to clear away many things in order to use the sewing machine in situ on my sewing table!