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The Studio
Located in Herefordshire, please send a message if you would like to book a meeting with me.

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In the studio

Grief and Wellbeing in Art

The work I have created for this years HACS exhibition is inspired by my memories of my Dear darling Gran and the objects that I possess since she has died. This has also been a wonderful opportunity for me to combine my work as a Grief Recovery Specialist and as an...

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Coffee ..Perfect for Rainy Days

Thank God for cafes and coffee when the weather is as bad as it is today! Sat comfortably in a leather chair lost in the book 'Iris & Ruby' by Rosie Thomas. Loving the continuous pen lines as one object is drawn next to another. I have noticed that many of my...

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Coutellerie Quatre – Wire & Emulsion paint

I have to confess that this piece came about purely by chance and I love beautiful discoveries that come about through play!   I was experimenting with the wire drawing  and struggling to see it when the background was a dark piece of cardboard.  I got hold of a cork...

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Coutellerie Trois – Wire & Stitch

The idea development of these pieces has been very exciting; such as how the wire writing on Coutellerie Deux inspired me to do the wire drawing on this canvas. I realised that I found the joins ( in wire) quite exquisite, it wasn't just the wire outline that appealed...

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Coutellerie Un – Pen, Stitch & Panels

I have for many years now drawn and stitched the world as I see it: snippets of moments, soaking up the ambience, the food, the drink, the people around me -  things they say, clothes they wear, lyrics of a song that is playing. But with this new body of work I have...

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Coutellerie Deux – Paint, Pen & Stitch

This is a close up of Coutellerie Deux, my first attempt at painting on cotton and then stretching over a canvas. Drawing directly onto the painted surface felt amazing and I think I am addicted!  The pen sketch is of a Frenchman who was sat quietly across from me in...

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